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Fast, 30-second Measurement
When you experience physical discomfort, such as palpitation, dizziness or chest pain, use your ECG Pen to take a quick 30 second measurement, and get an instant review of your heart condition through easy reading of the display on the screen. Use it as data of reference to discuss with your physicians.
Understanding Your Heart Condition
ECG Pen can measure your ECG signals and keep tracks of them, as well as help your physicians diagnose your heart condition. If you have experienced symptoms such as palpitation, chest pain or back ache, or suffered arrhythmia already, ECG Pen can be the indispensable friend in your daily life.
With Vion.ECG Studio, you can download ECG data from your ECG Pen and store them in your computer for further review and management. In addition, Vion.ECG Studio can upload your ECG data to iWebECG where the data will get further analyzed and reports can be generated for you.
Top Electrodes
Power Button
Bottom Electrode
USB Connector
Model Vion.800E
Induction System single channel, bipolar
Heart Rate Range 5 to199 beats / min
Memory 99 measurements
Power Supply internal rechargeable lithium battery
Transportation Environment -20 ~ 60°C,10 ~ 95% RH
Storage Environment -20 ~ 60°C,10 ~ 95% RH
Operating Environment     5 ~ 40°C,30 ~ 85% RH
Weight 40g
Dimensions 103 mm x 38 mm x 10.5 mm
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